Scale Intensive

Stella Labs is a female-focused business accelerator where our mindfully-crafted curriculum helps women scale their businesses.

When you walk into Stella Labs, we meet you exactly where you are with your business. You have worked hard to establish your business up to this point and we are here to help you take it to the next level with our mindfully-crafted curriculum, expert instructors, and mentors to give you structured feedback each step of the way.

Join our 12-week Scale Intensive where you grow your existing business to the next level.

  • Want to increase your revenue?
  • Want to scale your existing business but don’t really know how?
  • Want to finally “figure it out” and grow your business efficiently?
  • Want to be part of a group of like-minded brilliant business owners?

We get asked a lot, “What does ‘next level’ really mean?” That is absolutely up to you. This course is self-fulfilling, meeting you where you are right now in your business. If you want to grow to have 4-5 employees, we can help you get there. If you want to pivot and go in a different direction but just don’t know how to leverage your assets, we got you! If you want to be the next app that revolutionizes the way your customers manage life, we will help you figure out how to bring that to reality through design thinking and our rigorous curriculum.

We have seen it all and have helped countless women do similar pivots, growth spurts, “go big or go home” visions, and all the myriad “colors” of business growth.

The “next level” is the next step in the growth of your business by fully leveraging your current business structure, capital opportunities, business development network, and market potential.

Requirement: You must have an existing company with a clear understanding of your target customer and desire to take your business to the next level.

Applications due: January 2, 2020 by midnight

Week Topic
Pre Applications Due
Week 0 Vision Board
Week 1 Visual Business Plan
Week 2 Action Planning + Customer Validation
Week3 Mentor Session & Debrief
Week 4 Customer Validation (wrap up from surveys) + Journey Mapping
Week 5 Sprint Session
Week 6 Marketing Strategy
Week 7 Digital Marketing & Advertising
Week 8 Public Relations & Media
Week 9 Systems & Operations
Week 10 Business Development & Sales Funnels
Week 11 Financials & Funding
Week 12 Culture | Revisit Visual Business Plans, Course Wrap-Up
Week 12+ Demo/Grad Night

Cost of Scale Program: $2,000 (flexible payment plans and some scholarships available)

Scale Program Start:

  • Solana Beach (EVERY MONDAY) :: 1/27/2020 – 4/27/2020, from 10 am − 2 pm
  • National City: (EVERY FRIDAY) :: 1/24/2020 – 5/1/2020, from 10 am − 2 pm

Scale Intensive Participants Receive:

    1. Action-oriented curriculum that will support & challenge you to grow your existing business through interactive labs taught by industry experts who are actively practicing in their fields.
    2. Actionable business tools to scale your business through intensive labs with the following business deliverables:
      • Strategic Action Plan
      • Marketing Strategy Action Plan
      • Journey Map
      • Business Analytics Discovery
      • All-day sprint to implement new scale plans
      • Customer Validation
      • Financial Review & Projections
      • Culture Evaluation
    3. Graduation Day to connect with investors, banks, lenders, & small/medium business advocates.
    4. Mentors to guide you through the process – business growth strategists and functional mentors/experts.
    5. Alumni for life status – accountability groups for sustained growth and PR assistance

Thank you to the U.S. Small Business Administration and City of San Diego for your financial support of our programs – #SBAAccelerates – #SanDiegoInnovates – #SDInnovates

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  • The Stella Labs programs will add an immense amount of value to your business. It put my startup on an accelerated path to start seeing hefty revenues and continued growth. I can't thank my cohort, the Stella Labs mentors, or the Hera community enough!

    Sonya Petcavitch Founder at
  • The Stella Labs Launch Accelerator gives you the momentum, support system and experiences to really take off. I'm so grateful for the community and help I have found - and will continue to seek - here.

    Jessica Kort Co-Founder & CEO at LACY
  • Stella Labs was so instrumental in helping me define and market my consulting business. The marketing workshop I participated in gave the perfect strategies for reaching new clients and building my business. It helped me focus on my specific business goals and customer base. Thank you!

    Sylvia Norman CEO & Co-Founder at Sandhill Crane Diagnostics, Inc
  • Stella Labs is an exceptional business accelerator. I was fortunate to have gone through the entire program and loved the hands-on approach and the accountability factor on my part. I left the program feeling that I wanted MORE of Stella Labs and it's mentoring program.

    Naz Athena Kallel Founder of Save Good Food I Farm To Chef
  • Best place to learn from the scratch how to build your business! With the support of powerful and motivated women.

    Jennifer Schell Founder at Trabaja Mamá
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